Work Groups

Each family should give 25 hours of their time per year. The following workgroups currently exist.

The parents can freely choose a group, but if it's already full to capacity, then they will need to choose another one.

Workgroup Main tasks
Kindergarten newspaper Write articles for the newspaper
Notice board/Entrance hall Keep the main noticeboard up to date and the entrance hallway tidy

Go shopping for things for the kindergarten as required
e.g. food/drink, books, playthings etc.

Garden Look after the front and back gardens
Library Look after the books, repair them and keep them catalogued
Garbage disposal Throw away bottles, paper etc
General repairs/maintenance Fix any problems with the rooms and play equipment, hang up pictures, fix leaking pipes etc.
Sponsorship Acquire and manage contacts, to improve the finances of the kindergarten
Internet/webpages Create internet pages and keep them up to date
Systems administration Administration of the office infrastructure (eg computer, network)
Lunch Manage the lunch group eg create plans for washing and serving
Advertising and publicity Perform advertising activities for the kindergarten
Events Organise special events e.g. Christmas market, flea market, first-aid course