Managing Committee

Roles of the managing committee

The managing committee has 2 roles:

  1. Legal representatives of the kindergarten to the outside world

    Signing contracts, like rent or employment contracts, as well as filing applications and expenditure reports

  2. Management of the kindergarten business

    This includes all tasks which the committee does for the kindergarten

    Finances: Acquisition and usage of furnishings, equipment und work materials, including

    • Budget submissions and expenditure reports
    • Keeping track of the ongoing running costs


    • Recruitment, employment
    • Work contracts, references
    • Information to the accounting centre
    • Staff management
    • Care for staff: team discussions, trainings etc.

    Organisation of the day-to-day running of the initiative:

    • Finding children, accepting new children
    • Parent services
    • Parents evenings
    • Contracts with the parents
    • Rental contract and contact to the landlord
    • Controlling the finances of the kindergarten, for example ensuring the ability to pay
    • Controlling the correct payment of charges, taxes, insurance and staff costs
    • Controlling the correct observance of contracts, eg rental contract, employment contracts, arrangement with the government's "Jugendamt" (department for youngsters)
    • Controlling the correct observance of official deadlines, eg budget submissions for the "Jugendamt", tax declarations etc.


Election of the managing committee

  1. The committee is elected for the duration of 1 kindergarten year by the members of the Lerchennest e.V. community at its annual general meeting. The committee holds office until the election of a new committee.
  2. Each member of the committee is elected individually. The vote is secret.
  3. Only members of the community can be elected to the committee. When their membership of the community ends, then their membership of the committee also ends.
  4. Being in the committee is an honorary position and unpaid.
  5. The committee consists of 1 chairman and 2 deputies. The chairman alone has the authority to represent the community.
  6. The committee are the legal representatives of the community to the outside world.
  7. The power of the chairman is restricted so that, for a business transaction of 250 € or more, he or she requires the agreement of the officially named budget overseers.

Current managing committee

Finance Chair: Christof Heinbach
Organisation Chair: Nurcan Kurtoglu
Personnel Chair: Krzysztof Raczka