Collaboration with parents

As the Lerchennest is a parent initiative, our kindergarten stands and falls by its parents. For this reason, parents have considerably more obligations with us, but also more rights than at other kindergartens.


Our kindergarten is organised by three board members, who are voted in each year by the members of the association and who perform their roles voluntarily. They are responsible for the management of the kindergarten: all organisational issues regarding personnel, financing, budget, admission of children etc.


As the accounting at a kindergarten of our size is a considerable undertaking that cannot be shared, we have brought in outside assistance for this purpose. IBPro is responsible for personnel accounting.


There are also a number of work groups, in which parents have sole responsibility for performing major tasks, such as organising lunch groups, tending the waiting list, gardening, shopping, running the library and producing the kindergarten newspaper.


Every year, two parent representatives are selected for each group. As well as their actual role as parent representatives in case of problems or requests, the representatives also have other rights, which are stipulated in the rules and regulations of our association (e.g. involvement in personnel decisions, from hiring to dismissal).


All parents are regularly asked to contribute if repairs or other manual work must be carried out in the kindergarten and, of course, when it comes to organising the joint kindergarten garden parties. Carpools are organised and, should kindergarten staff be absent due to illness, parents help out in the groups.


In order to increase the options available to the children, the parents organise various courses in the afternoon, such as swimming, physical education, skiing or creative courses.


The contact between parents and staff, as well as with other parents, is promoted through parents’ evenings and parents’ get-togethers, which are held at irregular intervals.


The staff can be contacted and approached at any time should anyone have any questions, problems or suggestions, and meetings can also be arranged at short notice. Parents are kept up to date on what is planned for the near future by means of notices on our bulletin board or issued to individual groups, as well as by contributions from the team, managing committee and the parents on the kindergarten newspaper staff.


Our goal is to create an atmosphere of trust between the parents, the team and the managing committee that makes it possible to openly raise problems at any time and to work together to find solutions.